by Indigo Aura



This track is made using a hybrid Pythagorean / just intonation scale that uses "magic" numbers selected to play pure geometric chords in a few different keys.

The structure consists of a deeply emotional melodic loop that gets more complex over time building geometrically layered brainwave patterns. The melody uses the same notes as the string section but is made rhythmic using an arpeggiator, this creates an interesting changing equation for the melody where the amount of notes per bar are the same the amount of notes in each different chord. The strings and melody build up together into major and minor 7th type chords which are good for creating a dreamy emotional state of mind.

At 72 BPM the melody has exactly 4.8 notes in one second, so this track will stimulate 4.8 Hz theta brainwaves which will also help create a deep introspective thought pattern.

This track and rendered / uploaded at 24 bit / 48 Khz. (.wave)

Note frequencies for the scale in Hz:

D 288
D# 307.2
E 324
F 345.6
F# 360
G 384
G# 405
A 432
A# 450
B 486
C 512
C# 540
D 576

Learn more about magic frequencies:


released March 29, 2014



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Indigo Aura Knysna, South Africa

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