Overtone Alignment part 2 (remixed)

by Indigo Aura



This track was made using the "Factor 9" music scale,
this scale is based on sacred geometry
and the harmonic series.

All of the frequencies in this music are perfect multiples
of the bass drone, and so all the tones vibrate perfectly
inside each other creating new harmonics and
mystical ghost tunes that ring like bells
and hint at "the music of the spheres".

This geometric sound is very pleasing and has powerful
balancing, relaxing and awakening effects on people,
creating an overall feeling of calm, peace
and personal empowerment.

D = 288 Hz, F# = 360 Hz, A = 432 Hz and C# = 540 Hz.




all rights reserved


Indigo Aura Knysna, South Africa

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