Mathemagical Music Scales (including pdf ebook)

by Indigo Aura



This album includes a PDF of the book "Mathemagical Music Scales", (PDF downloads automatically with the music).

This short book is an essential "expansion pack" for my first book "Mathemagical Music Production" (available on Amazon). I had to repeat some information from my first book so that it would also make sense on its own, I have however expanded greatly on the subject.

There are more scales, tuning tutorials, and also some very interesting information and charts detailing the mono-aural beats / brainwave frequencies found in these scales.

There are also full charts showing how these scales mirror the elegant mathematics found in the Mayan calender, the Hindu Yugas, the Sumerian kings lists, sacred geometry, the ratios between the Sun, Earth and Moon and a few more strange things that were only briefly mentioned in "Mathemagical Music Production".

Also included in the book is a link to get my tuning file pack. These tuning files can be used to tune various synthesizers to the same scales, and are compatible with many synthesizers including: Kontakt, Omnisphere, CRX4, Cronox 1, 2 and 3, Albino, all of the native synthesizers in Logic, Native VST 3 synthesizers in Cubase and also some hardware such as the Yamaha DX 7 and Moog Slim Phatty.

If the link has expired, join my Facebook group "Life, the Universe and 432 Hz", and ask for the files there.


released September 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Indigo Aura Knysna, South Africa

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