Fibonacci Fractal Meditation (1​-​2​-​3​-​5​-​8)

by Indigo Aura



This Fibonacci Fractal Meditation is built on the numbers 1-2-3-5-8

These numbers are too low to be used as Hz based musical tones
so in this track they have all been raised by 6 octaves, multiplying each one by 2 six times to get these 5 frequencies:
64-128-192-320-512. (Hz)

This is still a Fibonacci series because you can still add the last two numbers together to get the next one, only now they are within hearing range and can be played as audio tones.

To make this track a real sonic fractal the notes lengths have been timed using seconds instead of BPM and have also been set to Fibbonacci ratios.

Each tone starts with a short chime sound and has a long voice drone underneath it, the first 64 Hz tone sustains for the full 8 minutes and so the chime sound is only played once right at the start of the track.

The second tone plays twice over the same 8 minutes and so the short chime rings twice, once at the start of the track and once right in the middle.

The third tone plays 3 times in 8 minutes, and so you will hear 3 chimes dividing the track into 3 equal portions.

The fourth tone plays / chimes 5 times, the fifth 8 times,
all 5 tones start with the chime so the only time you will hear all 5 together is right at the start of the track.

Set up in this way each tone has an amount of chimes per second that is exactly 6 octaves below the Hz (wave cycles per second) of the voice tone playing at the same time.

Under these 5 tones is a rhythm track that fades in very slowly from the start of the track reaching it loudest point at 5 minutes and staying there for the rest of the track. To add to the fractal design this rhythm track is a mini version on the tonal track.

The rhythm comprises of 5 percussion parts, the first part plays one beat per second, the second part plays 2 beats per second, the third plays 3, the fourth plays 5 and the fifth plays 8 beats in one second. These are the original 5 Fibonacci numbers that the track length, note lengths / no of chimes and note frequencies were built on. 1-2-3-5-8.

Because the frequencies 1-2-3-5-8 and 64-128-192-320-512 are all pure harmonic overtones of 1 Hz and 64 Hz, even the tones themselves are part of this sonic Fibonacci fractal as each one contains each own small Fibonacci series among its harmonic overtones.

The overall sound of these 5 tones is a just intonation C major chord, with 512 Hz being the "scientific" C that you find in an A = 432 Hz just intonation or Pythagorean scale.


released March 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Indigo Aura Knysna, South Africa

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